The Musical Ukulele is the home of the work of Colin Tribe as well as the title of his tutor book for schools published by Lindsay Music.

His new book “English Folk Tunes for Ukulele” has just been published by Schott in their World Music Catalogue ED 13569 and is just the first in a series, Irish Folk Tunes are going to be next!

Here you will find links to 480 + videos on Youtube and the details of how to purchase the high quality arrangements that made the videos possible. You can also order any music you would like to have arranged for Solo or groups of Ukuleles.

In the book section are links to Lindsay Music and an order form for the book “The Musical Ukulele”, descriptions of his “Uniquelele” tutor in fingerstyle playing, the collection of children’s music “Songs with Grandad’s Uke” and two other important collections that also have Music for the VCM exams in them.

You can also discover about tuition via Skype, study note videos and workshops.

A section is devoted to LEHO ukuleles that he represents in the UK. Colin recently appeared in Shanghai on the LEHO stand performing pn UBass with ”The Fiddler Crabs” from Taiwan and then with Chaoyuan playing duets and solos.

VCM have a section where you can download their exam syllabi and order the music and videos that Colin has written for VCM including Mandolin and Guitar as well as Ukulele.

Finally there is a section devoted to the Bollywood and Hindi Devotional music arrangements that Colin created for Electronic Keyboard and Piano.

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