“Uniquelele!” – A Guide to fingerstyle Ukulele Playing

The name “Uniquelele” comes from the idea that the ukulele has several unique qualities.  One of the most important of these is the small-scale fret board that allows many notes to be reached from one position. Melodies can be played within a rhythmic chord framework, so giving a holistic approach, akin to keyboards or classical guitar.

Working through the music you will learn the techniques and musical skills that will enable you to play in this holistic way and perhaps encourage you to make your own arrangements and compose for this wonderful, versatile instrument.

I have used some musical examples from the Victoria College of Music Ukulele Exam Syllabus published by London Music Press. These were especially composed for the ukulele or are arrangements of Folk, Pop, Classical, and Jazz favourites, with even Bollywood (Indian Film music) included! Other pieces come from my Youtube videos and the complete Music&tabs for those can be requested from colinrtribe@btinternet.com


  • Theory – Reading and understanding music
  • Incremental learning – Playing melodies on single strings, chords, with a bass line,
  • Techniques – Melodies with harmonies, strumming, right hand techniques
  • Anatomy of the Ukulele
  • Arranging a Melody
  • Bonus – Tunes with Study Notes
    1.  Black Velvet Band
    2. Suo Gan
    3. Skye Boat Song
    4. Sloop John B (including a guide to transposing songs).
    5. Misirlou

Price: £15 (PDF format and Video) – available from colinrtribe@btinternet.com