VCM Exams and Music

VCM Exams and music –

  • VCM Ukulele Exam Books
    • It was whilst developing a syllabus for Self-Accompanied Singing, (which now includes a set of books for Ukulele players), that I developed an addiction for the Ukulele and was able, with VCM encouragement, to create an exam for Ukulele players who wanted to develop melodic skills in addition to those of accompanying. This is now published, up to Diploma Level by Victoria College of Music
  • Irish Song Book by Colin R Tribe
    • This collection of 15 well loved Irish melodies is a graded set of pieces for all guitarists from the absolute beginner, who has just bought their first instrument, to the accomplished player with several years experience
  • Mandolin Magic by Colin R Tribe
    • A collection of tunes celebrating the universal appeal of the Mandolin